Oberlander Honors Rep. Fred McIlhattan

Jun. 10, 2020 / Embed

State Rep. Donna Oberlander honors the memory and name of former colleague, mentor and House member, Fred McIlhattan.

Policy Committee In Butler, Pa

Mar. 10, 2020 / Embed

The Policy Committee travels to Butler County to hear testimony about the growth collaborative of Butler's business community and adjoining counties.

Milton Hershey, A School Of Dreams And Visions

Jan. 28, 2020 / Embed

State Reps. Tom Mehaffie and Donna Oberlander recognize the 110th Anniversary of the Milton Hershey School via House Resolution 650.

Rep. Oberlander Remarks on House Bill 2025

Nov. 19, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Donna Oberlander questions the Governor's authority to enter, on his own, Pennsylvania into a regional carbon emission act.

Rep. Oberlander Diabetes Day Floor Remarks 11.19.19

Nov. 19, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Donna Oberlander thanks her fellow House members for their unanimous support of HR 557, naming November 10 through the 16th as Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Month.

Rep. Oberlander Helpers & Heroes Accomplishments

Nov. 01, 2019 / Embed

The Pennsylvania House of Representatives recently passed several bills aimed at addressing the crisis facing police, EMS, and other first responders. Rep. Donna Oberlander comments on why taking action for our helpers and heroes is so important for our communities.

Policy Committee - Juniata County Business Tour & Roundtable

Oct. 24, 2019 / Embed

The House Policy Committee met in Juniata County to discuss methods of creating a better business climate in Pennsylvania.

Blair County Business Roundtable Discussion

Oct. 01, 2019 / Embed

The House Majority Policy Committee, chaired by Rep. Donna Oberlander, hosts a roundtable discussion with local businesses, elected officials and economic development organizations. Topics discussed include workforce development, unfunded mandates, health care, higher education, regulatory reform and criminal justice reform.

Policy Committee Hearing

Sep. 13, 2019 / Embed

State Rep. Donna Oberlander chairs the 9-13 Policy Committee Meeting and hears testifiers from Philadelphia who are interested in pro-growth business policies.

Ben Franklin Partnership

Sep. 05, 2019 / Embed

An informational meeting between House Policy Committee members and the Ben Franklin Corporation.