Jan. 26, 2018

HARRISBURG – Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion/Armstrong/Forest) said today that more than $237,602 will benefit fire and ambulance companies throughout the 63rd Legislative District.

“We owe the men and women who serve our communities as first responders a debt of gratitude because they dedicate so much of their time and energy to keeping us safe,” Oberlander said. “This grant program, which has brought hundreds of thousands of dollars to our district each year, is intended to offer a bit of breathing room and allow them the ability to pay down debt, purchase new equipment, attend important training sessions or even keep fuel in their tanks.”

The funding can be used to construct or renovate a fire or ambulance company facility, purchase or repair equipment, take training or reduce existing debt.

The following is a list of local fire and ambulance companies in the 63rd District and the amount of their grant awards:

Armstrong County
  • Dayton District Volunteer Fire Company – $11,727.

  • Distant Area Volunteer Fire Department – $12,464.

  • Elderton District Volunteer Fire Company – $12,096.

  • Parker City Volunteer Fire Department – $24,517.

  • Sugarcreek Township Ambulance Service – $7,037.

  • Sugarcreek Township Volunteer Fire Department – $12,833.

  • Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department – $11,543.

Clarion County
  • Callensburg-Licking Township Volunteer Fire Company – $11,911.

  • Clarion Fire and Hose Company No. 1 – $11,543.

  • East Brady Volunteer Fire Department – $12,280.

  • Farmington Township Volunteer Fire Company -- $11,543.

  • Knox Area Volunteer Ambulance Company – $7,037.

  • Knox Volunteer Fire Company – $12,464.

  • Limestone Township Volunteer Fire Company – $11,543.

  • New Bethlehem Fire Company No. 1 – $11,911.

  • Rimersburg Hose Company – $11,543.

  • Shippenville-Elk Township Volunteer Fire Department -- $4,151.

  • Southern Clarion County Volunteer Ambulance – $7,037.

  • St. Petersburg Volunteer Fire Company – $11,543.

  • Strattanville Volunteer Fire Company No. 1 – $9,336.

  • Washington Township Volunteer Fire Department -- $11,543.

All grants are funded by slot machine proceeds and not tax money.

“To help ensure that grants are awarded consistently to our local companies, it’s imperative for local fire and EMS companies submit applications every year,” Oberlander added.

Representative Donna Oberlander
63rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Jennifer Keaton
RepOberlander.com / Facebook.com/RepOberlander