Oberlander on Board with Proposal to Protect Regional Oil, Natural Gas Producers from One-Size-Fits-All Regulations
CLARION – PA House Republican Gas and Oil Caucus Chair Rep. Donna Oberlander (R-Clarion/Armstrong) announced her support today for proposed legislation that would require the state Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) to establish separate regulations for conventional and unconventional drilling operations.

“The night-and-day differences between traditional mom and pop oil and natural gas natural producers operating throughout our region versus the much, larger and newer Marcellus Shale industry appear blatantly obvious to virtually everyone, except for DEP officials who are continuing to move forward with regulations that treat them exactly and detrimentally the same,” said Oberlander. “As Republican chair of the Pennsylvania House Gas and Oil Caucus, I fully support this legislation because unlike DEP, it fully and comprehensively takes into account the significant differences between conventional and unconventional energy development, while doing absolutely no regulatory harm to the future survival of this 150-year-old homegrown industry that still provides thousands of local family-sustaining jobs.”

The soon-to-be-introduced legislation would direct the DEP’s Environmental Quality Board (EQB) to separate the drilling, alteration, operation and plugging regulations for unconventional gas wells from those regulations applicable to conventional oil and gas wells in the Commonwealth. Once introduced, Oberlander expects the proposed bill to be referred to the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee, of which she is a member, for consideration.

“Last February, as a member of the House Appropriations Committee, I extensively questioned Pennsylvania’s Environmental Protection Secretary Christopher Abruzzo regarding what specific actions DEP is taking to repair its longstanding and far-reaching reputation as the ‘biggest impediment to job creation in Pennsylvania,’” said Oberlander. “I also presented the concerns expressed to me by many of our region’s smaller conventional oil and gas producers regarding the devastating economic impacts that DEP’s proposed, one-size-fits-all, broadly imposed, Chapter 78 regulatory revisions would have on their survival. I am supporting this proposed legislation because one-size-fits-all-regulations are always the wrong answer when it comes to preserving our natural resources, Pennsylvania’s rich natural gas development heritage and the revenue-generating, job creation and energy saving benefits that continue to reignite our state and local economies.” 

Representative Donna Oberlander
63rd District
Pennsylvania House of Representatives

Media Contact: Ty McCauslin
RepOberlander.com / Facebook.com/RepOberlander
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